We are interested in your services.   Do you charge a fee to come evaluate our needs and provide a quote?

No. This is a free service we provide potential customers. First, we will talk with you over the phone to learn a bit more about your business or organization and then book an appointment to come to your location to evaluate your needs and build a recommendation.

It appears you order product for the clients.   Does this service cost a lot extra for your customers?

No, in fact, we are often able to get products for less than what the customer is able to get it for through other distribution points. We keep our margins very small on hardware to facilitate this process for our customers. We provide a professional quote to your inbox and the authorized person approves the purchase. We order the product, configure it (on site or remotely) , install it and the product is invoiced through normal billing procedures.

When we become a client, how will we get help from your team?

There are a variety of ways you can get help:

  • Call our toll free number and choose option 1 for the Help Desk
  • Send an email directly to our Help Desk (which opens a ticket)
  • Log into your customer portal to see status of open tickets and/or open a new ticket.
  • Create a ticket from our website.

Do you still do service work on an “as needed” basis?

Yes, we do. While we have experienced the same shift to more proactive and managed services that is common in our industry, we recognize that many small business clients still prefer to pay for only what they use. We have a wide variety of solutions that customers can choose from. It works best when we can meet with the key decision makers, assess your needs and work to find a solution that fits within your budget.

Are we able to buy blocks of time to help us manage our IT budget? If so, what kind of alerts are sent to us to keep us informed of our usage?

Yes, we have a variety of Block Time agreements that customers may choose from or we can customize an agreement just for you. This works best when we meet with your key decision makers to assess needs and understand your budget needs. Many of our Block Time agreements “rollover” unused time to ensure you don’t lose value during a slower month. We have a number of different alerts that go out to our clients using Block Time Retainers and, if you have a unique need for an alert or communication, we are likely able to accommodate your special request. Our ticketing system has tremendous capabilities and is highly customizable. All you have to do is ask!

We are looking for a fully managed solution that gives us predictable monthly billing.  Do you offer it?

Yes, we do. Request a consultation and we will work with you to develop a solution that fits your needs.

We are interested in becoming a client, what paperwork do you need from us?

As soon as we understand your needs and budget, we will submit (via our quoting tool) a professional quote which contains our master services agreement and details on our recommendation. Once approved (electronically), we will send you our credit application along with anything you need to set us up as a vendor in your system. Upon completion and approval of the credit application, your account is fully established in our systems and our technicians and engineers have the green light to complete any on-site surveys or on-boarding meetings to fully support your organization.

What is the billing process?

Agreements are billed separately from time/materials. For example, let’s say you subscribe to our monthly Anti-Virus protection services along with a Block Time Retainer for 25 hours. You will receive a monthly bill for the AV Services and Block Retainer agreement. You will also receive a separate invoice detailing out all your service ticket details and hardware purchased.   Agreements always bill separate from time, materials and projects. Normal billing practices have invoices for the prior month arriving within the first five business days of the following month. So, for example, your invoice for October would arrive in the first five business days of November.  Sometimes, tickets remain open and unbilled for several weeks and may cross billing months. Reasons for this vary and range from “waiting on product/parts” to “waiting on customer feedback”.

Who do I contact if I have a billing question?

There are a variety of ways to get help:

  • Phone our main line 800-704-6165 and choose option “3” for the Accounting Team.   Your voicemail will open a ticket for support from our accounting team.
  • Email accounting@eaglenetsolutions.com  to open a ticket with our accounting group.
  • Use the link found on the “Contact Us” page on our website. This, too, will open a ticket for help from our accounting team.

I need vendor information (certificate of insurance) or a W9 form. Who do I contact for that?

Please email our accounting team at  accounting@eaglenetsolutions.com.

I don’t have a login / password to the portal that allows us to see the status of our tickets.  How do I get one?

Email us at operations@eaglenetsolutions.com and we will set you up and email you the login credentials.

What is the best address to send our payment to?

Please remit to our business office:

80 Palomino Lane, Suite 202, Bedford, NH 03110

We are looking for a local company. 

We are local to northern New England.  We are a family owned business where the owner and his wife (responsible for operations) grew up in Maine and spent much of their adult life in central and southern Maine and southern New Hampshire. New Hampshire is now “home” but they spend significant amounts of time in Maine at their cabin on Coburn mountain in Western Maine.  All of our employees either live in Maine, New Hampshire or northern Massachusetts.  We understand New England!

How long have you been in business?

Eagle Network Solutions was founded in 2004 in Scarborough, Maine as a one man operation.   In 2007, we moved to New Hampshire and opened a new location in Manchester. Mid-2014 we relocated our business to Bedford, New Hampshire. Our new office offers us a more professional location and better parking with more space for our growing team.

What size businesses do you currently handle?

Our current customer base ranges from micro-small businesses of 1-5 employees to multi-site/multi-state New England businesses with well over 100 associates. We offer products and services that scale to any size small to medium business. We choose our vendor partners with that in mind, meaning, the solution we recommend to a business with 50 associates may not be the same solution presented to an organization with 8 users. We listen carefully during the assessment and base our recommendations on what you need the product or service to do and what fits with your budget.